“You can’t buy love but you can adopt it”


I recently volunteered to photograph the dogs of the Northern Manitoba Paws in Need rescue located at Beastly Boutique in Thompson, Manitoba.

Back in 2010 I was on a waiting list for a pure bred Alaskan malamute when I received a phone call from the staff at the vet clinic. There was a litter of puppies that had been tossed into a garbage bag onto the side of the road. A few of them didn’t make it, and two of them did. A female, named Penny who belongs to our very own Dr. Jenn Nyhof, and my boy, Copper.

I was raised as a dog lover. While I was growing up, there wasn’t a period of time we ever went without one. And every dog, large or small, young or old, brings so much joy to your life. But every once and a while, you have that one dog that just gets you. That one dog that just helps you learn more about life. That one dog that teaches you true unconditional love. For me, that was Copper.

During my full-time job I spend two weeks of the month flying in and out of northern communities. Now the dogs on the reserves are “real dogs” in the sense that they don’t wear boots and coats to stay warm (like mine sometimes do). They are dominant and tough. When I go for my walks about the communities they often follow me in their free and jolly way. I respect their way of life and they respect me. What does bother me is lack of population control (spay and neutering). Because at some point, people feel the need to “dispose” of these dogs on the side of the road. This I’ll never understand.

Walking into the Northern Manitoba Paws in Need rescue, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I don’t think I was prepared for how quickly I got attached to these dogs. Every single dog had so much personality and their little quirks. Every dog was so deserving of love.

 I’m so thankful knowing that there are selfless people who give their countless time, energy and effort to be a bridge in finding homes for these dogs.  Thank-you to the Northern Paws in Need and Beastly Boutique for allowing me to be a part of these dogs life for a day. I promise you, if you give these dogs a chance, they will change your life for the better.

Kristie 2016/10/07


“Photography is a love affair with life”

-Burk Uzzle

I first began my journey of photography in 2013 when I bought my first real camera. I was always interested in it but it took me years to be able to afford a decent camera. My first camera was a Nikon D3200 which retailed approx. $600 at the time. My hobby turned into a passion very quickly. I was mostly self-taught with a lot of help from the internet. There are tons and tons of free resources available out there. Without even knowing it, my passion became one of my most relied on stress relievers.

As many of us have some form of anxiety or fears, I always found that taking time to be in the presence of nature to be very grounding. Looking up at the beautiful dancing northern lights, powerful lightening in the sky, simple snowflakes falling on a mitten – these are all experiences that are very humbling. Having these photographs help remind me that there is beauty in very simple things, and this is what we should focus our attention on.

I will often use my camera as a distraction in situations that make me feel uncomfortable. The second I’m behind the camera, my worries/fears quickly dissipate. I like to believe in having bad moments, rather than bad days and photography allows me to do that.

I put together my first portfolio of my work earlier this year. Having a printed book in my hands was a surreal feeling. These images were no longer just existing on social media or my computer. I had created something.

I will warn you that photography isn’t exactly the cheapest hobby. But I do truly believe that you can create beautiful images with less expensive gear including cell phones. If anyone would ever like some lessons please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kristie Crate  2016/09/11

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