IMG_0810[1]I have had this idea in the back of my mind for a while now to start a project on my own that reflects something I have been fortunate enough to have plenty of throughout my life so far. Heroes. Not the kind in the uniform or costume, but everyday genuinely good and amazing people who have given me opportunities, who have taught me, and who have pushed me to be a better version of myself. I am going to start this movement with a simple blog about my experiences with the everyday heroes I have and will come across in my life (past and present), and I hope that if by chance you are reading this you will share your experiences of the heroes of and in your life as well on this page. The ultimate goal is to inspire others to step up and become a hero in their own family, social group, school, community etc. Start with simple but meaningful words and actions towards others, and encourage them to pass it on, creating a movement of everyday heroes.  This is your opportunity to use your voice, to speak up, and to thank the positive people in your life. This is a platform for some who may not have ever had a hero, to become one! I hope you’ll join me. This is MyHeroMovement.

Your Bawd,


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