C from the CCC: My best friend for almost 35 years is better than your best friend.

I was born September 2nd, 1983. 24 days later Ryan “Rycub” Garland (Gar in this post)   was born. I honestly cannot remember a time where we weren’t hanging out since that time. I actually had to go back in my timeline of posts because I was sure that I had already talked about him.

I figured if anything, now is the right time given the fact he is now not only an editor and producer at CBC Ottawa, but also a writer; I will share the link at the end of this post. I have been able to see first hand his abilities in videos he has cut for work but also for me personally as well. I know he is an intelligent dude, and I knew he was always really good with words, but the story he wrote regarding his time as a juror in a murder trial and being tasked with determining another mans fate…mannn….it was amazing. Amazing, as in making a person feel every type of emotion in a five minute read. wow. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/i-was-juror-no-one-1.4714233

Did it surprise me though? Hell no! People have been sleeping on my dude for years ever since I can remember; and he’s been proving people wrong for those same amount of years. He’s sometimes loud, he’s outspoken, he’s intelligent, he doesn’t like authority that judge people by looks, he’s fearless (sometimes maybe to a fault?lol), he’s rowdy, he’s outgoing, and almost always up for a good time, and these days he is the life of the party but not for the entire night and into the morning anymore, maybe midnight? I think people would quite frequently take him the wrong way before taking the time to get to know him. That was their bad. His mom “Jomama” told us one evening after parent teacher interviews in high school that one of his teachers said to her something along the lines of “your son will never amount to anything”, sweet teacher eh? Gar thought it was hilarious. If it hurt him he didn’t show it, we joked and still joke about it today.

35 years man. We’ve stayed best friends all this time being almost complete opposites as people, yet still finding commonalities. He has convinced me and put me in more near death situations than I could have ever imagined I would be able to survive; and I survived them all. Without him around for the past 35 years forcing me out of my comfort zone, I would have never truly lived to tell awesome stories of getting drunk for the first time, of lighting fires on water, of rally car racing in a van on a dirt road and almost hitting two moose, or burning down a sauna by accident (that was not funny though), or even the story of how Robbie Wagner stole his hockey number when we were 11 years old (that still gets him fired up 24 years later). I should have known he would be an excellent writer after he came up with the story of how I was conceived and how I got my name off the top of his head, including graphic details involving my parents. We have done far funnier stuff then the aforementioned over the years but it has to stay in the vault for now.

I’m proud to have this guy as my best friend. He is always my biggest supporter, even if it means I am 30 hours away and we don’t talk as much as we used to, when we do we pick up right where we left off and nothing changes; life happens and he understands. I  have always looked up to him not only in stature but the way he carries himself with confidence. I’ve always been a pretty quiet guy so to watch someone be such an extrovert is something I truly do admire and gain my own confidence from in speaking up and using my voice for something I believe in. I truly believe that his confidence has rubbed off on me over the years.

I could keep going through 35 years worth of stuff, but ill end like this. We’ve been through the good and bad together, I’ve had countless dinners at your family table, most spent spitting my food out and laughing while your parents gave you shit for causing it. We created such amazing games as “tap n go” and “candle in the wind”. When kids made their little gang in Powassan, we made a fake gang with a stupid name with MC and it actually stuck (CCC!!!!), and now we only fight against our main rivals Buck Bay. We revolutionized the usage of pulling “friend cards”. We made a habit out of breaking your dads shit a lot and him getting pissed at us for being idiots, and its followed us our whole lives haha. You’ll always be a cub and never a bear but I wont hold that against you. You’ve always had my back through everything and know that regardless of the situation I will always have yours. I’m proud of who you have become as a person not just in spite of what others may have thought, but also because it is what you wanted and aspired to be. I’m proud to have you as my best friend.

Love you bud,









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