Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

by Jeff Driscoll

A true hero is someone who doesn’t seek out to be someone’s hero, it is the person who hides in the shadows and seeks no praise. It’s in silence that you hear and it’s in patience that you help others grow, and it’s with that grace of being that a hero is born, which echoes through the lives that have been touched.

If you’ve made it as far as to read the title of this latest entry, you know by now that my brother’s blog has been hijacked (thanks Kristie!). He’s always spoken so highly of individuals through My Hero Movement, but for those who know my brother Adam, he is one of the most deserving to have his name among the greatest.

Unaware at the time, we grew up quite privileged, provided with all we needed. We have had the honour of learning from two of the greatest parents children could have, whether it was learning to appreciate what we have, never let things go to waste, help others out, and understand others by putting yourself in their shoes. These are just a few of the things we learned growing up, and to see where we are now, it’s easy to see my brother is a living example of these teachings.

However, I also like to think I played a role in his ability to thrive the way he has in life. As a kid, I was what you might call “a loose cannon,” whether it was going from zero to a hundred at the flick of a switch, being slashed on accident playing road hockey and chasing him with a stick, or sitting on him while punching him for calling me names. During these conflicts, not once did he ever strike me back or try to cause me any harm; and still defended me when I got myself into trouble. After all these years, he’s now a foster parent, dealing with kids that have far more issues than I did. It takes a strong and caring person to be able to take the abuse, shrug it off, and keep on rolling with the punches.


I gave this entry the title “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace” for three reasons, one being his love for the Foo Fighters (as seen by the blog name), which has been contagious, the second being that he has these words tattooed up his arm from his wrist to the top of his shoulder, and third, it exemplifies him as a person to a tee. Whether it is working in crisis intervention, and sitting down and talking with someone who just attempted suicide, fundraising for a headstone for a murdered teenage boy so he could be honoured the way he should be, or simply being there for his brother at his low points. Furthermore, I cannot even recall a time that he has asked for help, complain about anything, or just needed somebody there for him. To highlight this remarkable human being, to deal with these individuals who have issues or haven’t had the privileges in life that we were blessed with, and to take that home with you day after day, and still push on when you know some won’t make it, just for that opportunity to make a difference in that person’s life and be that someone, to these lost souls, as a stepping stone in the right direction as our parents were for us.

I’ve always tried to push myself to be better than my brother, which has made me a better person because of it.  I used to feel like we were in competition growing up, living in the shadow of my brother, but as I’ve grown older and wiser, I know now that it was more of a tow rope pulling me in the right direction, learning and growing from his mistakes and successes. And, I have learned from my mistakes, not telling people what they mean to you before they depart this life, so this is a tribute to my brother.

We may be 2526 kms apart, but I know at the drop of a hat that he’d be there for me, or anyone that desperately needed it.

I ask those of you reading this now, to raise a glass to Adam Driscoll. Love you my brother, Merry Christmas, and cheers!




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