I Will Hold Your Hand, and Watch the World Spin Madly Around; This Life We’re in…xo

Dear Baby K,

I haven’t met you yet, but I dream about you all of the time.

You would think that I would only dream about you if you were my own kid soon to be born, but you’re my brothers. Regardless, it doesn’t matter; I have loved you since the moment I knew you existed, if its possible I loved you even before that.

I have had some pretty good practice over the past several years at being an uncle, though its a bit different when you become an uncle by blood. Here are a few things I want you to know I will do for you for your entire lifetime. I am sure there are more, but here is the start:

  • I will take a gun course, buy a gun and never use it; I will only take it out when your dad needs backup when you bring your first date and/or boyfriend/girlfriend over to meet the family. I will clean it when you walk in with them; don’t be angry or embarrassed by us. We will help you weed out the bad ones.
  • I will always play with you, read to you, laugh with you, sing and dance with or for you. I don’t care who is watching or what they think.
  • I will take naps with you when you don’t want to sleep. Uncle Adam loves naps.
  • I will learn to do your hair, but don’t be angry if it looks terrible.
  • I will play dress up, I will have pretend tea parties, I will play along whenever you use your imagination, and I will always carry your backpack when it is heavy, no matter what color it is.
  • I will always spoil you, maybe even more than your grandparents on my side of the family, because your grandma is pretty cheap.
  • I will let you get away with things your parents would never let you get away with.
  • I will take you on awesome adventures to the park, to the beach; you name it and we will go.
  • I will give wicked awesome piggyback rides, will swing you around, and play games like hide and seek, grounder, and various forms of tag with you; sometimes I will let you win, sometimes I will try hard to win.
  • I will introduce you to the Foo Fighters and other good, older music to steer you away from the junk that will be playing on the radio when you are born and over the next several years.
  • I will give you your first beer and drink your first beer with you behind your parents back. I will listen to you tell me about sneaking out of your house to party and wont rat you out. I will tell you about stupid crap I did with my friends when I was your age.
  • I will always save the best and longest hugs for you. When you become a teenager, you will have attitude and try to get away from the hugs, but too bad deal with it!
  • I will help teach you how to skate, and also how to take wicked clappers, snappers and wristers.
  • I will attend as many school or extra curricular functions of yours that I am able to, and spoil you after.
  • I will teach you that “Like a Girl” is an empowering phrase and to be confident in yourself  and your abilities always.
  • I will spoil you, but I wont let you become someone who acts spoiled. You will eventually have to earn me spoiling you.
  • I will teach you to give back to and help people who help you, to people less fortunate, to meaningful non-profit organizations, or anyone you see that is in need.
  • I will teach you to see both sides of an argument before forming an opinion, and not to follow social media as a form of legitimate news.
  • I will take your side when you argue with your parents, but only if you actually have a good case; otherwise, you are on your own.
  • I will not let you accept participation trophies ever. You don’t get awards for just showing up, you get them for hard work, resilience, perseverance and excellence in whatever it may be.
  • I will always have your back. I will break through walls, I will take a bullet, I will go through hell, so you never have to.

And Finally,

  • The love I mentioned at the start of this letter. That love is forever. No matter the circumstance, it will never waiver, or expire and will only become stronger for you as I watch you learn and grow and become something and someone amazing.

One more Month!

Love You Baby K-boo and my future Wing-Girl,

Uncle Adam

aka- Best.Uncle.Ever.

aka- Funcle



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