One Year Anniversary of MHM

Ok, so I do admit I have been slacking pretty hard the past couple of months with this site and such. I do promise things will pick up again at some point. I do have a list of people that I plan on writing about, but between juggling work, dogs, sports, going back to school, and being a foster parent i’ve somehow got less time or energy to get things done? damn life always getting in the way.

Anyways, I have a couple of things I will be doing to celebrate the one year anniversary of My Hero Movement, which is fastly approaching in mid April.

  1. I will be giving to a  really worthy cause I have already chosen and will write about at a later date.
  2. I will be reading the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action. There are 94 Calls to action. From this, I will select 10 calls to action to start, and will get them done in my own way. I will keep an update of it on here.



So, in the meantime please check out the link below to another great cause in North Bay, Ontario; “For The Love of Woody” and the challenge to end stigma through CAMH: One Brave Night. Also, stop in and see Mark at The Sub Place in North Bay and grab a sub or Gyro; no one does it better.

We will talk soon my friends. Your Bawd,





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