T-Shirt Update

thumbnail_image1Hey Everyone,

Just an update on the t-shirts. I will be ordering them right away today. There will be some changes that I have to make in terms of colours and such. The colours I had selected are not available, so I’ve gone with more basic colours. I hope that this is okay for all of you, they will still look pretty slick! The purple shirt will be a standard purple now with white logo and font, while the blue will be a more aqua/indigo blue with black font and logo.

Thanks for your understanding and support! I have had inquiries and donations from all over the country surprisingly, with many people asking to buy tshirts and give them to people in our community of Thompson who may need or want them but may not be able to afford them. I am extremely humbled by all of the generosity and support and for everyone reaching out to ask if I need help with myheromovement. The answer to that is yes! and I will be in touch later down the road, if and/or when this “thing” grows. I would love to have more people and youth involved moving forward in many facets and putting on may more events or fundraisers or initiatives that help others both locally, nationally and globally.

Thanks again and I will give more updates as they come up.

Your Bawd,


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