Newer Update: T-shirts


Hey Again,

So changes again as I was unable to agree upon a price with the retailer of the last place. I have officially ordered the shirts. Heres whats different:

The blue shirts are an “Heather Indigo” colour with black logo and font, the purple shirts are now a “heather cardinal” colour with black logo and font. They will still be awesome, the “Tee Genius” Tim I worked with said so! lol.

Anyways, please read back to prior post for all the many thanks!

I can say that we sold 50 shirts and raised 672.90 for the Hope North Suicide Prevention Committee, which I have personally rounded up to $700.00. In that fifty, I have, as well as many other people have also purchased shirts to give to those around our area who may have wanted to buy a shirt but may not have the means. Thank you so much to those people, I will make sure they get handed out to some good and deserving local folks! For those of you outside of Manitoba who ordered, I will either cover your shipping or deliver in person when I am home next.

So grateful for all of you!

Peace and Love,


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