Heroes for Hope.Upcoming MHM T-shirt Sale Event.

Well Hello There My Peoples,

Hope everyone is having a wicked good thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.

I will likely not be writing a new post this week but wanted to inform you of something i will be doing to raise some money for a very worthy cause later on this month.

So i have previously mentioned in my posts about Fletcher McDougall as well as the Hope North Suicide Prevention Committee that Hope North was awesome to have let myself and my fellow colleagues, friends and friends of Fletcher fundraise for his headstone at their Hope Forum two years ago. Well, now comes the time where i would like to pay back this kindness to the committee (with your help of course; hopefully. please? lol).

So, i am going to be selling t-shirts very soon for a Heroes For Hope Campaign. All proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go directly to the Hope North Comittee and their Life Promotion initiatives for youth as well as all persons in the Northern Manitoba region. Anyone who knows a bit about Northern Manitoba, knows that the act of suicide is something that has become far too commonplace in this region and Hope North aims to provide all people with well, Hope! This is done through various events throughout the year and the committee consists of many professionals from the social service sector as well as people from various backgrounds and walks of life.

If you are able to, please buy a t-shirt and support a great local cause. If all goes well, i would like to continue campaigns like this in the future for other meaningful causes outside of Manitoba as well.

Please note: the only money that will come back to me is the money I initially invest in buying the shirts which I will put  away for the next project.

Below are the shirts that will be ordered, available from S-XXL, at a cost of $25.00. Feel free to message me on here or through facebook, twitter, insta, whatevs bawds!

Thanks for the support, and a new post will be coming next week. Just need some inspiration over the thanksgiving week to write again.

Peace & Love

Your Bawd,


ps- left some mood music for ya below also from my favorite group, somewhat related to the cause above I suppose.






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