Join the MHM Crew

Looking for people to join the MHM crew. Whether you are young or old, you have something to offer and I would like to give you the outlet to do so. So if your talent is writing, poetry, music, art, photography, sports, cooking, eating, sleeping, or even if there is a topic you like to write about frequently (mental health, physical activity, etc). As long as it has a positive and creative vibe, I’m down. Whatever it may be, I would like to hear from you to possibly have a page added to my site specifically for you. Requirements: must be positive or uplifting content, opinions are welcomed, though must be able to see other opinions as valuable as well even if you do not agree with them. How often you upload content is up to you. You will not be compensated, but will have the opportunity to have your voice heard and/or work seen and hopefully inspire others. I am able to change what your page is called, so do not hesitate to be creative. Feel free to hit me up on here or through facebook. I do have a few people in mind that I will reach out to as well, but please if you are interested send me a message.

Your Bawd,


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