Powassan: The Friendly Town

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So there has been some ongoing debate in my home community of Powassan, Ontario as of late in regards to the swimming pool costing too much money for a family to attend daily. Whether that is true or not I guess is not for me to decide (I already sided with it being pretty fair value for services). Everyone views things differently and everyone has an opinion. I think myself and some other individuals may have jumped all over this nice lady on social media for her voicing her opinion (sorry Ms. Ellery). That’s not so much what I want to talk about in this post, but rather all of the good that this town of 1200 people has to offer. There is a good chance I may scold some of you a bit though (my bad).

(sorry Trout Creekers you don’t count in this post, but most of you I know are ok with that)

I can say proudly that I am from a small town called Powassan (Po-Wass-An), or as many of us refer to it “Pow-Town”. No its not called Po-Town or P-Town or P-dot, if you’ve ever called it that then we were probably not friends growing up, and you likely never had the full Pow-Town experience.

Powassan actually is derived from the Ojibway Language meaning “bend in the river”.

Where I live in Thompson, MB, I have people asking me where I am from all of the time. Usually I start out explaining where North Bay Ontario is, “three hours north of Toronto”, then follow it with, “but I’m from a small town 20 minutes south of North Bay called Powassan”.

I can tell you that growing up, I sometimes thought that living in Powassan was boring. Looking back now I can tell it is probably one of the best places to raise kids, a family and grow old. Growing up it was both good and bad that you knew almost everyone in town, and it is still much like that today. You got to hang out with many different people, some who were into the same things as you, many who were not. As kids, we usually had to make our own fun. Whether it was honing our street hockey skills on Himsworth Avenue to take on those punks on Spetz Street,riding bikes,skateboards,rollerblades, ripping through “The Pines” finding the bear cave, playing tag, climbing trees, daring each other to go into the scary vegetable cellar, going to the public pool for public swimming and swimming lessons, or to the park, or the creek close by home to catch crawfish or suckerfish. The amount of things we had to do besides structured sports was only really limited by our imagination (which was unlimited). Some of us young lads on himsworth avenue even got to chase after Mrs. Purdons grand daughter once in a while lol (relax we were just kids).

I am not even touching the surface really, but I just want to say I really love my hometown of Powassan. I feel like the people who live there should never ever take it for granted. You all have so much to offer and there is even more to come for future generations. You have a young hometown lad trying to better your recreation experience via research in Kyle Rich, you have born and raised young and old people in the community who want to see everyone succeed and for the community to succeed. You have health amenities, a junior hockey team, an arena, a bank, a gas station ( with the best mechanic/mustache in the north in Gary Garland), you have convenience stores, and restaurants, adequate schools and daycares, a library, clean water, reasonable housing, employment, a mayor who takes to social media to address his opinions and answer questions from the public constructively. Many of these things I have just mentioned, many people in Northern Manitoba do not have. Simple things such as clean or running water. Most places certainly don’t have a recreation department let alone a swimming pool or an ice rink. Many schools are not provided adequate funding. Before you decide to complain about something in the community of Powassan, find 5 good things about it and then don’t complain because you have it far better than most, regardless of your social standing or the paycheque you take home. Take a look at the bigger picture, get out of the box that is your own community and explore what is going on elsewhere and determine for yourself how good you have it ( I promise I’m not lying).

I am always proud to tell people I am from Powassan, Ontario. You should be too Powassanites.

Quick shout outs:

-Welcome back to the Hawk n Fox Rude Jude! Sweetest lady alive!

-Elvis, put a million in the bank for me beano!

-Congrats to Mrs. Purdons granddaughter lol (Les) who maybe by the time this is posted will be a momma again.

-#GSCs2017 #FHT #backontop

-Everyone else: Whooooop!

Its been nice having you, on himsworth avenue.

Your Bawd,





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