Dear Mama: You are appreciated.

dear mama.jpg

I had to use this quote from Tupac instead of having a picture of my mama because my bro JD decided he was going to forget to take a snapshot of her on mothers day for me (Boooooo! this is why you are the third son with only two sons in the family). I also asked my Aunt Karen for pictures of my mom last night, hoping that she would have an action shot of my ma half snapped doing snow angels in the front yard at the family Christmas get together a few years ago, but that was also a no go.

With it being mothers day today, there is no better opportunity than now to talk about my mom. I am admitting right now that I am a mamas boy, though not by choice. My mom has basically decided over the years that I am the son that needs the most love and attention for whatever I’m by no means saying anything right now that my own brother wouldn’t agree with. My mom actually called one of my best friends named Ryan Drouin her second favorite son once, and now its an ongoing joke in the family.

My mom is better than your mom. This isn’t even up for debate, she really is just better than yours. I don’t talk to my parents as much as I likely should, usually about once or twice every couple of weeks. When we do talk there are always a set of questions I get asked by my mom or certain updates from our hometown of Powassan where my parents still live. Here are a few:

-Hows your money situation? ( mom I’m 32 years old, I can take care of myself now..almost). If I do tell her money is tight at any time here is what I get: “what are you sending your money on? Why aren’t you saving?” (I’m not saving because if I die tomorrow, someone else gets to spend my money. I cant take it with me).

-How are the mutts doing? ( Milly is good, Fleury is still an a-hole but not as much as he used to be)

-These are usually followed by conversations about how I have to take better care of myself physically, and basically her worrying about me for no good reason other than just because shes my mom.

-Then my mom talks about her work schedule, then Powassan, the gossip, but mostly just who has died lately from Powassan ( who she thinks I know, but rarely know any of the people she names)

In all seriousness, all the above is true but I’m just poking fun of her for it. I secretly like all of the questions she asks or being sarcastic in my replies to her questions.

I know that when my mom and dad first started out, they really didn’t have much and much of the time my dad was away fighting forest fires all over Canada, leaving my mom at home to take care of me and JD. She honestly is the best mom. And again, like I said before in the post about my dad, I realize that many kids never get to grow up with a mother in their lives, let alone a really good mom at that; so I am truly humbled and grateful for having her in my life. My mom is still “frugal” to this day, but we all just call her cheap (including Boom Boom-my dad), though I’m sure she was the one to do a lot of the finances back in the day to make sure they could afford all of the good stuff for me and JD to be involved in.

My mom stopped watching me play hockey when body contact started because she said I was too aggressive with the other boys ( which is true, the ice is where I took out all of my anger and angst on other kids my age).

I only ever messed with my mom once as a teenager and I remember I immediately regretted it. I think we were arguing or something and I ended up calling her a bitch. She gave me a good smack in the face that I still recall today. I have never disrespected my mom since that day ( I don’t think).

My mom is loving, caring and selfless and has put every part of herself into being an amazing mom over the past 32 years. I am so proud to call her ma, mom, mama, Laurie Lumber etc. I don’t know if this is something I will ever be able to repay her for, though I will try my best.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

Love your favorite son,

Adam xoxo

This songs for you! lol.


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