My Dog Fam & Why i tell them i love them before i go to bed.


(As you can see, ones covered in mud and one cant stand to watch him about to get in trouble for digging up the backyard)

I can remember the last time I took out my childhood dog to go to the bathroom, not knowing it would be the last time id spend with her alive. As she tried to run away to go somewhere where I wouldn’t have to watch her die, her little body sank into the snow and she began to yelp. So I picked her up, brought her inside and yelled for my parents.We sat and watched as she took her last breath and we all said our goodbyes. It was pretty sad. I can remember vividly her jumping up on my bed and curling into my legs at night to sleep. She was the coolest dog ( even though my mom gave her a stripper name “Shannee”..really mom?) .

Ever since that point I’ve wanted my own dog, but never really thought about having dog(s). I had had Milly ( little boston on the right) and was/is the best dog, though I will admit I don’t look the coolest walking a 17 lb dog around town.  When I got my second crazy Metis pup Fleury (on the left), I was second guessing it and still sometimes do. Man this dog tests my patience on the daily. He is a wizard in getting out of my yard and stepping up to smaller dogs like he’s a boss. He ruins all of my stuff, so I cannot have nice things in my house, I refuse to have nice things in my house. Then of course Milly decides to join in because she’s the real boss and runs show around here. If you think I am venting you are absolutely right.

Heres where I explain why I keep my dogs around, why I love them so much and why I don’t really care what other people think of them, whether they are acting like jerks or not.

When I come home for lunch and after work, they jump on me like they haven’t seen me in years. I pretend to be mad but I love that. When I am sick like I am and have been for the past week, I can count on them to curl up with me and spread more germs to me with their dog licks, and to fall asleep with me to make sure I survive. When they see anything move outside, absolutely anything they bark like mad, and it drives me nuts but at least I know they’ve always got my back and even though they are harmless, no ones thinking “lets jack this house” with the way they sound. When i’ve been tired, run down, anxious, feeling depressed, grieving,lonely or just flat out having a rough day, they are my mental health workers, and they are my coping mechanism to get through tough things and tough times. They are an add on of the family I have but live so far away from, and I talk about them like they are my kids because they really are. They ruin my stuff, but at the end of the day its just stuff right? I value them as my family more than I value any piece of clothing or furniture or vehicle I own.

Milly & Fleury keep my life entertaining. They provide my house with so much unconditional love and ask for very little in return. Basically just to be loved and shown love. Imagine if that was all that most people in this world were looking for and in return would give you all of their love and attention? Craziness.

Anyways, this only scratches the surface of what my dogs mean to me, but ive written enough for tonight.

Milly & Fleury you will never read this because you are dogs and you only want to eat my laptop, not read my blog, but all of the reasons I listed above and more are why you are my heroes and why I tell you every night before I go to sleep that I love you. You my fam.

Your Bawd,



3 thoughts on “My Dog Fam & Why i tell them i love them before i go to bed.

  1. Well put Adem !!! I love my Abbie bear more then life ! And I miss my Emma girl every second ! These dogs are our children as well a our mential Heath workers , best friends ! You could not have worded it any better !


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